Our Story


In the heart of the Macedon ranges you'll find our humble wellness centre. It is a beautiful space filled with love and light, where you can explore, reconnect, and grow within your capacity to be.

We have created a space that encapsulates nature, allowing you to ground and reconnect with yourself.

With its beautiful earth tones and attention to detail, the centre just needs you to show up.


Our Philosophy

Yoga connects us to the innate wisdom that resides in each of us, which knows that we are already enough as we are.

Creating a community within the community, for people who are committed to a path of healing through presence, awareness, and self-reflection.

Meet the Team

Bronwyn Weetman


Yoga Instructor, Chef

Bron found Yoga whilst living in London in 2000, from the very first time she stepped onto the mat she felt instantly at home. At the time she had a busy career as a Chef and Bron found Yoga gave her the tools to cope with the stress of working in fast paced kitchens. Bron has been inspired by many teachers over the years and still continues to learn and grow so she can share with the community xx

Sheridan Reaper


Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer

Sheridan discovered yoga many years ago, and fell in love with the feeling when she had finished a class. Her life and love of fitness took her in a different direction away from the mat, but now she has rediscovered the inner yogi and she’s back on the mat, learning and discovering new and exciting feelings and emotions.

Come on the journey with her to learn & discover for yourselves the beauty of yoga xx

Alexandra Bebenek


Spiritual Healer, Counsellor and Teacher

Alexandra has been meditating for the last 30 years and teaching meditation for the last 7 years. Alexandra believes that meditation is a great way to relax your body and more importantly it is the best way to get in touch with your Inner Self and to get to know yourself on a deeper level. The self discovery can bring inner peace and balance to spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. It is Alexandra's passion to work with people, help them through many different modalities to understand themselves, manifest their abundance and find purpose in life through understanding their gifts and talents given to them at the creation of their Soul xx

Sonia Pernar


Yoga Instructor

Sonia discovered yoga about 4 years ago and just fell in love with it, so much so that when she went to Bali a few months later she searched out a yoga teacher so she could continue practicing while she was away from home. Then in 2017 when she returned from her holiday in Bali she met Bron and was asked if she had ever thought of teaching yoga and so the seed was sewn. Sonia’s husband and Donnamarie (yoga teacher) who she started yoga with encouraged her to go for it. So here she is 1 year later teaching, practicing and sharing the yoga she loves to do xx

Chitra Stern


Ypga Instructor, Meditation teacher, Teacher Trainer

Chitra has been teaching Yoga since 1989 in Australia, India and the USA. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and continues to share and learn. Chitra is certified to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced levels in Integral Yoga, pre and post-natal yoga, yoga for depression, stress management, and yoga teacher training.

Chitra's classes at Reflection Wellness are ideal for students wanting a more gentle practice. Her main focus is to encourage students to find the practice that truly supports them, and to offer the space in which participants can go deep within, allowing the body and breath to be the pathway to experiencing deep inner wisdom and joy xx

Madeleine weetman

Maddie Weetman

Yoga Instructor, Social Media

Maddie recently completed her Yoga training in May 2019, she found Yoga in at a time in her life where she had really lost herself. Yoga has helped Maddie not only find herself but has helped her self awareness and mental health. She hopes her journey will inspire others and help them find there own path.

Maddie does all the social media and marketing for Reflection Wellness xx

renee halliday


Yoga Instructor, Chef

Renee is relatively new to yoga but since discovering it’s calming and healing qualities, her life could not be complete without it. She is passionate about sharing the new knowledge that she has so that hopefully yoga can positively influence more lives.

As a chef, wife, and mother of three beautiful girls, life can be crazy to say the least. Since discovering the power of yoga she is learning to live life a little more mindfully and holistically xx

kym oliver


Yoga Instructor, Meditation, Vedanta philosophy and Teacher Trainer

Stillness and spirituality have always been of interest to Kym, even as a young child. So when the opportunity arrived, Kym travelled to India and lived in an ashram from 2002 – 2005. Her purpose was to find inner calm and to seek answers to those deep philosophical questions that we ponder: What is my purpose? Is there a God? Why is the world the way it is?

When Kym and her husband returned to Melbourne, they sought a quieter life and moved to the Macedon Ranges to achieve this goal. Soon after meeting some locals, Kym was requested to teach yoga, meditation and Vedanta philosophy xx

Georgia dwyer


Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Georgia is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine with over 7 years of training and clinical experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She primarily uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, to rebalance the body’s organs and meridian systems, using the classical style of Chinese medicine which focuses on functional healing. Georgia is based at Intrinsic Health in Gisborne and she holds regular workshops at Reflection Wellness xx